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All the benefits of protein to fuel your healthy lifestyle made in 11 refreshing fruit-flavored waters


Premier Protein

Your favorite 3PM snack. Your not-so-secret coffee mixer. Your go-to pick-me-up when you're headed out, winding down after a workout or fueling up between plans. Whenever you need them, these smooth, creamy shakes pack 30g of protein—and they may just be the tastiest motivator you’ll ever love.

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Protein2o. All the benefits of protein to fuel your healthy lifestyle made in 11 refreshing fruit-flavored waters. It’s more convenient than carrying around eggs and beans in your pocket, and infinitely more refreshing than a chalky protein drink.
Whether you’re looking for a light and delicious workout drink, or a quick fix for your snacktime slump, Protein2o will give you a much-needed boost whenever you need one. Delicious. Refreshing. Protein. Water.

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Icon Meals

From protein-packed popcorn to savory seasonings, we've got you covered. Who says healthy snacking has to be boring?


Halal Beef Sticks

All Halal's Best Beef Sticks are certified Halal and produced in the USA. We use 100% Angus Chuck, and blend it with real spices or pieces of Jalapeno! Our beef sticks are made with clean ingredients, premium cuts of beef, and, well, that's just about it.


Lamontagne Snacks

Being a chocolate manufacturer in Canada for over 40 years, Lamontagne Chocolate has built a stellar reputation with its own brand. From generation to generation consumers of all ages have whether sold or bought Lamontagne products through fundraising campaigns throughout Canada.

All of our products are entirely made in Canada, with exclusive recipes using only fresh ingredients of the highest quality. We have acquired an excellent reputation for quality and now want to share it with you!


Inland Cape Rice

The only American grown rice farm, family owned and operated by actual health and nutrition experts. Our passion is providing Midwest residents who love healthy whole grains with a farm-direct, sustainable, nutritious rice. Whether you are feeding your family or achieving your fitness goals. We can help you! Health and nutrition is a priority for us, and the quality of our rice reflects that! Follow us here on our social media platforms to see exactly where your food is grown!


Organic Honey

Today honey is still very popular and is considered one of the nature’s best and most powerful natural products. It has properties that make it an indispensable part of a healthy diet but also a very important ally in fighting those winter colds. Our organic honey is especially good for you, delicious and affordable

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Fokken Nuts Peanut Butter

We handcraft all our butters the old fashioned way. We make them in small batches using only high quality ingredients. You can taste the difference!

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